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Happy Cows + Supporting Local Farms: Organic Valley Milk Review

November 19, 2022

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I am so excited to be sharing about Organic Valley Milk! Over a decade ago when my family first started making changes to live a more natural lifestyle, I was searching for milk that valued family owned farms and quality. Organic Valley was our top choice and we have never looked back. My daughters actually will only drink this milk now because nothing else tastes as fresh! We love Organic Valley milk each morning as a part of our breakfast and for cooking/baking. This co-op family farm owned brand truly cares about the product they are producing, the cows and farms that it comes from, and holding to an organic and sustainable standard.

Organic Valley Milk is very different from other brands of milk that are mass produced. The brand is owned by approximately 1800 small organic family farms. Each region in the US has its own set of farmers that bring dairy products to your local store shelves. The families that participate in Organic Valley’s co-op remain in ownership of their farms while also owning a piece of the co-op. This in turn allows them to earn a fair living for their hard work and remain independent and out of the hands of large commercialized dairies. This also results in fresh, high quality milk that tastes amazing!

Another reason to choose Organic Valley? Their farms are the home to happy cows that are able to graze, forage, and play on regenerative pastures. These cows spend 50% more time outside on pasture than USDA organic standards require! Knowing we are drinking milk from cows that have a happy life makes all the difference!

When you taste Organic Valley Milk you will enjoy the creamiest and freshest flavor! You can also be confident that it’s free of artificial hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and GMOs. After 57 quality checks, you can be sure your getting the best quality milk for you and your family. Find Organic Valley Milk at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Walmart, and Publix. To find a store near you, visit:

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