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Daily Airway Hygiene with FEND: Breathe Better! {Review + Promo Code}

July 20, 2022

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. This post may contain affiliate links.

Something you may rarely think about but is significant to your health is daily airway hygiene. Just as you regularly wash your hands and clean your body to wash away germs, the airway should be cleansed. Everyday we breathe in pollution, allergens, germs and billions of particles. A new solution to help prevent and filter these potentially harmful particles from traveling deep into the lungs and cleanse the airways is FEND.

FEND is a safe natural mist solution that is created with a precise blend of natural salts to help keep the airways hydrated and clean. It starts cleansing immediately and can be easily taken anywhere (same size as the average inhaler). FEND works by capturing billions of particles on a watery layer as you breathe in and strengthens natural defenses against dirty air by pulling more water in. Simply put, this enhances the body’s ability to clean away airborne particles. 2 deep breaths of FEND helps to strengthen your airways and natural defenses to clean away 99% of respiratory droplets for up to 6 hours. FEND is doctor recommended and clinically and scientifically proven.

Using FEND is super simple. Just place 2-3 fingers at the top of the device with your thumb on the bottom. Press down with even and consistent pressure and breathe in the mist through your nose.  FEND is a welcome part of my daily routine because as a nurse I come in contact with many respiratory viruses throughout my shifts. I love that I can take FEND along with me to work and keep my airway hydrated and clean. It’s just another easy and natural way to keep my health at it’s best!

FEND can be purchased at and each device lasts approximately 30 days. Now through 12/31/22, you can save 15% on all orders of FEND with promo code MOM15 (continue the savings by subscribing to always get 15% off and free shipping!). Be sure to recycle your device when finished by requesting a mailer bag back. Each device is recycled through Terracycle’s Zero Waste Box™️.

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