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Budgeting + Financial Responsibility for Kids: Mazoola Family Mobile Wallet Review

January 10, 2022

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. This post may contain affiliate links.

Teaching kids how to budget and manage money while they’re young is a great way to instill responsibility and sound financial choices as they grow. I love that the Mazoola app is making this easy through their family mobile wallet! This app is such a great way to jumpstart kids into the world of managing their budget while also having freedom to shop, set savings goals, make peer-to-peer payments with friends, and even make charitable donations.

The Mazoola app has everything to get your child or teen started managing their money while still allowing you as the parent to safely monitor along the way. There are several features available for both parent and child once the app is set up on your devices. As a parent user, you can create a virtual debit card for your child through the app and make automatic transfers to your child’s account for allowances or rewards for chores. You can additionally authorize, manage and monitor purchases from your parental dashboard which further includes, approving retailers, shopping categories and spending limits. The app opens up the very important conversation between parents and children about setting financial goals and how to save/spend wisely. On the child’s side of the app they can manage their allowance, chores and reward earnings. They can spend their earned money at their favorite retailers or set goals for savings. They also have the option to donate money to a favorite charity or send money to a friend though a p2p payment. The debit card in the app can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay Wallets.

One of the top thing that always concerns me when downloading a new app for my kids is privacy. Mazoola is “powered by privacy” and is the only COPPA* certified mobile family wallet which gives parents like me much needed peace of mind. COPPA or Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is a U.S. federal law designed to prohibit the collection and use of personal information about children by the operators of Internet services and websites. With Mazoola, I can be confident that while my child is building essential money management skills, she is doing so in a safe and secure environment. Mazoola also anonymizes a child’s identity to ensure privacy while shopping with retailers online or in-store from their mobile device.

The Mazoola app is super easy to set up! Just download from with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded onto your mobile device, get started by creating an account, verifying your identity, setting up a funding source (your bank account), and adding your child’s profile. Right now you can get the Mazoola App FREE for one year, plus get $10 when you sign-up*. Just be sure to use this link when you sign up to receive your credit!

*Eligible set-up includes one of the following actions: 1) Create a profile 2) Fund an account

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