New Favorite Kids Book & Series – Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret {Review}

March 6, 2021

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My daughter and my favorite bedtime ritual is our nightly story time. We have gone through several series of children’s books over the years as we read them together each night. It’s been a super fun way to share some of my past childhood favorite books with her as well as the perfect way to end our day. We recently received the Explorer Academy book series and my 8 year old couldn’t wait to get into them!

Explorer Academy is a five book series packed with adventure and mystery that pulls young readers into the world of the highly exclusive Explorer Academy. The first book, Nebula Secret is centered around a 12 year old boy, Cruz. Up until his admittance to Explorer Academy, Cruz led a fairly normal life in his home state of Hawaii hanging out with friends at the beach and surfing. When Cruz was invited to the Academy and later resided there in Washington D.C., things began to take a (sometimes) frightening and mysterious turn. He began to encounter people that were suspiciously pulling him away from the honor of being at the Explorer Academy. The first book introduces us to his new group of friends at the Academy that come from all over the world as he learns about their cultures and takes part in exciting adventures at the Academy.

There are several instances throughout the book that demonstrate to young readers with the use of problem solving and reasoning, it is ok to step outside the box and take a calculated risk to be a leader. My daughter loved the mystery throughout the book but also the normal kid interactions between Cruz and his new friends as they got to know each other in the Academy setting. She loved being introduced to all the unique and advanced technology that was part of the Academy, as the book painted it in such a way that she could clearly visualize it as we read. For example one part of the book she really enjoyed was when Cruz and his fellow students encounter a room called the CAVE where holographic imagery, three dimensional printing, climate control, and more are used to simulate exciting experiences in an extremely lifelike way. Along with the action packed storyline, the importance of strong bonds of family and friends remain a foundation. Additionally, the book has fun visual assets throughout including letters, maps, and detailed imagery that further draw readers into the storyline.

I highly recommend these books because they bring excitement, adventure and mystery into reading for kids. The situations encountered in the book are not always easy for the characters, but they prove with each of their unique talents and skills along with an inner drive and motivation, they can overcome anything. Learn more about Nebula Secret and all of the Explorer Academy books here. Save 50% on The Nebula Secret by using the coupon code 50OFFEA1 when you purchase on Amazon!

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  • Reply Tiffany Phillips March 9, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Thanks for the review! My son loves to read and now that we’re homeschooling I’m looking for additional reading materials for him. I’m definitely going to check these out!

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