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How I Unwind & Relax: My Natural + Calming Nightly Routine

September 6, 2019

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Being a pediatric nurse, my days can be extremely busy as well stressful at times. When I arrive home to my family, I try to leave behind all of that and decompress. One of my favorite ways to end my day is with my nightly self care routine. It helps me calm and relax while allowing a little “me time”. One aspect of my day that I both start and end with is a warm and comforting cup of herbal tea. Starting my day with a lightly caffeinated and flavorful tea, like Bigelow’s Green Tea with Ginger Plus Probiotics, gives me the jumpstart I need in the early morning hours. At the end of the day, Lavender Chamomile Herbal Tea with Probiotics is the perfect way to wind down.

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Preparing for the Next Day

Once my three daughters are tucked into bed, I start preparing for the day to come. I like to prep everything for the morning so I don’t go to bed stressing about any loose ends. I make sure my scrubs are laid out, lunch is packed, my phone and watch are charging, and alarm is set. If there is anything that I must complete in the morning, I write it on a sticky-note so I don’t forget in the morning rush. Another important thing I do is place my phone away from my bed  and turned down with the volume turned off so there is no chance of my phone lighting up or buzzing in the middle of the night or any temptation to grab it if I can’t sleep.

Diffusing Essential Oils

After everything is prepped for the next day, I make my room tranquil and peaceful by diffusing lavender or jasmine essential oils. Both of these oils help me to relax and calm while creating an amazing aroma that promotes sleep. Creating a space before bed that is dimly lit and has the scent of calming essential oils helps signal the brain that it is bedtime and has greatly helped in me having a restful night of sleep.

Hot Shower + Comfy Pajamas

A hot shower is a major part of my nightly routine. I often have lower back pain towards the end of the day and a hot shower helps relieve this or any other muscle pain/tension along with helping to mentally relax. Aside from helping me physically and mentally relax it has also been shown (through various research studies) that showering about an hour before bed helps you to fall asleep faster due to regulating your body’s core temperature to a cooler state after the warm shower. After I am out of the shower I put on the comfy cotton pajamas. Cotton pj’s are my first choice because they are super soft and breathable.

Warm + Soothing Cup of Tea

My favorite part of the night is when I can settle in with a warm cup of tea. I choose Bigelow Teas for so many reasons beyond their amazing flavors. The family owned Certified B Corp company values environmental sustainability from the corporate level right down to their 100% biodegradable packaging. Bigelow Tea is produced and manufactured in the US and only uses the highest quality, natural, non-GMO ingredients. Bigelow has NEW tea varieties available at Walmart. The new varieties have quickly become a staple in my early morning and nightly routine. I love the new Lavender Chamomile Herbal Tea with Probiotics because it instantly creates a pleasant aroma and the flavor is delicious. It does not require any additional sweetener as it is perfect on it’s own however sometimes I will add a bit of honey for additional sleep/health benefits. This particular variety has probiotics which are super beneficial as they support healthy digestion. Winding down with Bigelow Tea is my favorite part of my nightly routine and eases me into a sleepy state.

In the morning I have been enjoying the new Green Tea with Ginger plus Probiotics. This tea also has probiotics which help supports healthy digestion and has a small amount of caffeine that make it an excellent way to start the day. I love that it has the added ginger because it gives the green tea a more unique and bold flavor. These new Bigelow Teas along with a variety of their other teas can be found at Walmart in the tea aisle. #TryNewBigelowTea

Skin Care

The last thing I do before I head into bed is skin care. I always use a Vitamin C toner because it is packed with antioxidants and helps brighten and purify the skin. I also use a  hydrogel cream that helps hydrate and moisturize my skin. These two products help me to wake up with a fresh face while also keeping my skin clear and soft.

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