Practicing Mindfulness with Kids + Zafooz Review

June 16, 2019

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With screen time, peer pressure, school stressors and busy schedules a normal part of life for kids, it’s important for them to take time to step back and have quiet meditation. Mindfulness allows little ones a time to slow down and calm their minds and bodies while helping to ease any anxiety or stress they may have. Meditation and mindful practice is also beneficial in helping kids with focus and self regulation. Zafooz are brightly colored cushions and huggable plush animals that make meditation comfortable and fun for little ones.

Zafooz are available in 6 different designs but my two girls were able to try out Mindful Monkey and Lotus Ladybug. Each Zafooz has a cute little story and mantra. Mindful Monkey’s mantra is “I breath in and smile” and Lotus Ladybug’s is “I am Loved”. The plush animals have a peaceful and sweet smiling face. These super soft plush animals were instantly loved by my daughters and have become a part of our everyday life. They enjoy quiet time reading books on them, meditating with an easy Zafooz practice, or simply using their imaginations and playing make believe with them. I love that it is multifunctional and can be both a fun plush while also a space for meditation, quietness and slowing down.

Zafooz offer a great way to introduce your little ones to mindfulness which in turn can help to relieve overwhelming emotions, reduce hyperactive behaviors, and improves concentration. They are created with the mission to encourage children to take part in daily mindfulness practices that will help shape their worldview through the eyes of patience, love, and kindness. Zafooz offers several great resources for activities including mindful breathing practices, friends with breath, and cloud sailing for uncomfortable feelings.

Zafooz are available for purchase here and typically retail for $49.99 but through 7/22 you can save 15% using promo code breatheBhappy.

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