Free Educational + Fun App for Kids: Puzzingo Review

November 18, 2018

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Have you been searching for a new app for your child that is a great mix of learning and fun? End your search with Puzzingo! This interactive app inspired by Melissa & Doug puzzles, has over 150 puzzles that are packed with bright and colorful animations, a variety of themes and even mini games after each puzzle is solved! The app is unique to any other app as it encourages your little one to critically think as they play and keeps them engaged while they solve puzzles with fun sounds and real voices (not computer generated).

When my girls have their allotted screen time each day, the first app they head to is Puzzingo. They absolutely love this app because they are always able to try something new and enjoy playing the mini game after solving each puzzle. It’s also something both of my daughters can enjoy playing together because they are able to take turns placing each puzzle piece where it belongs. The themes are super fun and there is something for every child to enjoy from superheroes and sports to space and fairy tales. I like that as my girls play they are expanding on their spatial recognition, matching, tactile and fine motor skills. The app also helps in developing vocabulary, memory and cognitive skills.

What Sets it Apart

Puzzingo is different from other children’s apps in many ways. Listed below are a few aspects that set it apart and make it an ideal choice for a learning app for your little one.

  • Carefully designed and tested to be accessible to early readers.
  • Visual and audio cues throughout the apps are designed to make the game accessible by young and special needs children.
  • All animation within the app is professionally illustrated. The bright and colorful animation was created specifically for the app.
  • Professional voice actors with clear and accurate pronunciation are used within the app rather than machine-generated speech.
  • Puzzles can be solved in 5 different languages including English, UK English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • The app has been awarded Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Children’s Products, Editor’s Choice, Best Apps for Kids, and 5 out of 5 by Apps for Homeschooling

The Details

Puzzingo has over 150 puzzles in 22 puzzle packs. The puzzles include core concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, food, and alphabet. They also cover children’s favorite topics including animals, sports, bugs, cars, fairytales, pirates, and more. 7 of the puzzles are free, along with Daily Free Preview of new and exciting puzzles. Additional puzzles are available via in-app-purchases. The app is available for FREE download via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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