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An Energizing Coffee Alternative to Fuel Your Day: Avitae Caffeine + Water {Review}

August 24, 2018

This post was sponsored by Avitae Caffeinated Water as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

A glimpse into a typical weekday for me includes getting up at 5:30am, working a 10 hour shift as a pediatric nurse, arriving home for a quick dinner and then heading back out to my daughter’s activities in the evening. Needless to say, maintaining an adequate energy level throughout the day and evening can definitely be a struggle at times. Because I have never been a consumer of coffee, my options are somewhat limited for naturally caffeinated beverages. However, I recently discovered Avitae caffeinated water and now have a healthy (and delicious) option to fuel my busy days.

The vast majority of energy drinks currently available are filled with harmful additives and chemicals that are far from thirst quenching. Avitae offers a flavorful alternative that has just a handful or less of ingredients that are all easily recognizable. Purified water, natural flavors, and natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans are what you will find as the main components of Avitae. Additionally, each bottle clearly labels the caffeine content which ranges depending on the product: 45mg (equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee), 90mg (1 cup of coffee) and 125mg (1 1/2 cups of coffee). The best part about Avitae caffeinated waters, other than the tasty varieties, are that they are completely free of calories, sugar, artificial flavors, and artificial colors!

Avitae has three different caffeinated water choices including unflavored, flavored, and sparkling. Unflavored is perfect on it’s own when you need some added hydration with a caffeinated boost but also works great as a base in smoothies or even frozen into ice cubes. The favored options are fruity and delicious with flavors like Natural Strawberry Guava, Natural Tangerine, and Blackberry. The sparkling varieties are my favorite because they have carbonation which gives them a fizzy taste combined with delicious flavor. If you are looking for a soda alternative these are a great option because they are bubbly and have a 90mg caffeinated boost. All flavors are are in a 16.9oz convenient recyclable bottle perfect for wherever your day takes you.

Ready to get your caffeine boost from a healthier alternative? Get your first bottle of Avitae FREE with this in-store coupon (expires 10/31/18)! Find Avitae in a store near you here and shop in-store with the special coupon offer! You can also purchase Avitae online and get 30% off your purchase when you use code 30AVITAE2018 at checkout (expires 9/15/18)!

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