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4 Easy Ways to Help Kids Get Back to School Ready

August 22, 2018

This post has been sponsored by Tom’s of Maine and all opinions expressed are my own.

I can’t believe it’s August and back-to-school is just a few short days away. This time of year is always bittersweet because I will miss having the extra time with my girls during the long sunshine-filled days of summer, but it also brings a fresh start which is exciting and fun as my girls experience new beginnings. With back-to-school approaching, we always make a checklist with all of our home and school essentials. I like to use the shopping trips as a learning experience for my girls, teaching them why we choose eco-friendly and natural products. The brand we always turn to for our personal care is Tom’s of Maine®. With this brand’s 48+ year commitment to providing natural products that are both good for our health and the environment, it is our favorite go-to choice.

This back-to-school season, when you choose Tom’s of Maine® you are also supporting thousands of children in need have the school essentials they need to start the year off right. Tom’s of Maine® has partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation to offer preassembled backpacks so students in need can come to school with all necessary supplies. You can even add a special note to be added to one of the backpacks! For full details about the program visit Another reason to choose Tom’s of Maine® is their product line is always free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives and never tested on animals. All products are also recyclable through TerraCycle®. You can find Tom’s of Maine® products at Sprouts Farmer’s Market and if you download the Sprouts mobile app you will receive a coupon for $1 off any (1) Tom’s of Maine® product!


During the last couple weeks of summer vacation, I try to prepare my little ones for the schedule and routine of back to school. 4 easy ways we get ready for back to school are through establishing a clear routine, starting our mornings off right, maintaining a healthy + balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep.

Establish a Routine that Works

Establishing a routine is vital to daily life running smoothly and efficiently. Find out what works for your kids by testing out a routine a couple weeks before school starts. See how much time your little one needs each morning to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth and hair, and prepare for the day while also allowing for a bit of down time. Also plan the best time for homework, after school playtime, dinner, and bedtime. Once you have a schedule set, practice it consistently each day so your child knows what to expect and has a clear understanding of how the mornings and evening will run.

Our go-to daily oral care products are Tom’s of Maine® Silly Strawberry Fluoride-Free Toothpaste and Tom’s of Maine® Children’s Toothbrush. The Silly Strawberry toothpaste has a fruity taste kids love and its free from artificial flavors. If you prefer fluoride in your child’s toothpaste, their is Fruitilicious Children’s Gel Anticavity Flouride Toothpaste and Wicked Cool! Fluoride Toothpaste. The Fruitalicious Gel Toothpaste is a clear gel (dye-free) that has a natural fruity taste designed especially for kids while the Wicked Cool! Toothpaste is recommend for kids ages 8+ with  a mild minty favor. Tom’s of Maine® Children’s Toothbrush is extra soft and has a kid size brush head. It is recyclable, free of BPA, and the handle is made from 99% plants while the bristles are created with 60% renewable castor plants.


My middle-school aged daughter loves Tom’s of Maine® Wicked Cool! Deodorant for girls. It has a light scent that protects all day without the use of harsh chemicals.  Tom’s of Maine® Wicked Cool deodorants are offered in scents for both boys and girls that are refreshing and effective. I love that the deodorants are free from aluminum, artificial colors and fragrances. They also offer 24 hour protection which is a huge benefit for active young pre-teens and teens.

Start the Day off Right


With the morning rush, it can be difficult to make time to ensure the day starts off on the right foot. Once you set a solid routine for your family’s mornings, make sure your child has a balanced and nutritious low sugar/high protein breakfast to fuel him/her through the morning. Some great time-saver ideas for a nutritious breakfast are meal prepping smoothies, overnight oats, chia pudding or breakfast sandwiches the night before. It’s also equally important to be sure your child is properly hydrated and has enough to drink throughout the school day. One more way to ensure a successful day for your child is to allow for some down time in the morning. I wake my daughters up a little earlier than necessary to give them enough time for relaxing after getting ready.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

There is no doubt that the school year is super busy especially if you have multiple school-aged children. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is key to keeping your little ones energized and properly nourished for all that the day brings. Ensure your child is getting adequate nutrition by having protein rich snacks on hand for the week that can be easily taken on the go. We like to shop the bulk section of our local grocer and stock up on nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to create our own trail mixes for an easy grab and go snack.

Regular Sleep Schedule


Bedtime can be tough in our house but I try to keep my kids on a set routine each night. Make sure you turn off tech devices 1/2-1 hour before bedtime and have a relaxing environment for your child. Calming music, dim lights, and even some lavender diffused in your child’s room can help your little one drift off peacefully. In general, school aged children are recommended to have about 9-11 hours each night of sleep.

Be sure to head over to to learn more about the entire children and teen product line. Have a happy back to school season!

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    Love this article!

  • Reply Sammie L. September 5, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    routine is so important, glad you’re on top of things :)

  • Reply Cindy September 12, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    It can be so hard getting the kids out the door in the morning! Routine really is everything

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