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Free Money: Favorite Cash Back Apps for Groceries & More!

February 9, 2018

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I am all about saving money whenever I can, especially if it’s quick and hassle free. Since grocery shopping  is a necessary (huge) expense each week for my family of 5, I have found a few amazing cash-back apps that will actually pay you via check or Paypal just to scan in your receipt. It takes under a minute to take a photo of your receipt and you will be on your way to earning cash for all of your regular purchases! Listed below are my favorite apps that I trust and use each week.


This was the very first I app I began using to start earning cash back on my groceries. Just about any grocery and retail store you can think of participates with Ibotta so you will have no problem quickly earning cash back on purchases. To use the app, just click into the store that you shopped, check off all eligible items you purchased, scan receipt, and earn cash! The best part of this app is the huge variety of eligible products available for cash back as well as all the bonuses you can earn along the way for even more money in your pocket. It’s 100% legit, user friendly, and after you meet a $20 minimum threshold, you can withdraw your funds to Paypal or a variety of gift cards. Get a $10 welcome bonus after your first receipt redemption when you sign up here and enter referral code 9erkeg!

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta but instead of your earned cash going to Paypal or gift cards, you receive it via check. This app participate with almost all retailers and grocery stores, making it easy to earn cash back on a regular basis. There is always a variety of products from top brands to non-branded fruits and veggies, that are eligible for cash back. The app is easy to use, just click the star next to the items you want to earn cash back on, scan receipt, and cash will be dropped into your account. There is a $20 threshold and then you are able to withdraw your funds for a check!

Fetch Rewards

I recently started using Fetch Rewards and LOVE it. With this app you earn points for each scanned receipt which can be redeemed for rewards including virtual Visa or MasterCards as well as gift cards to just about any in-store or online retailer (including Amazon)! This app is so easy to use and 100% hassle free. All you have to do is scan your receipt and it will automatically find the products that you are eligible to earn points for and add these to you account instantly. Sign up now at Fetch Rewards using my referral code Q6BRQ and you will receive 2000 bonus points!


Shop kick is an interactive app that not only offers the receipt scan feature but also so many other fun ways to helps you earn “kicks”. After your routine shopping trip, find the retailer in the app and scan in receipt for any eligible products you purchased. You can also earn kicks in a more interactive way by opening the app when you are in the store and scanning any products listed under the retailer. It is almost like a treasure hunt while you are shopping, that you can easily be rewarded for. Additionally, the app will give you kicks just for walking into certain nearby stores- just be sure the app is open/active on your phone when you walk in. Ready to start earning kicks that can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers (including Amazon)? Head over here and be sure to enter referral code YAY549433 to get started!


I have used Ebates for 6+ years and it is my favorite way to earn cash back on all of my online purchases. Ebates can be used both as a mobile app as well as on standard web browsers. This site is mainly for online shopping with a huge selection of retailers but also includes a limited amount of in-store retailers. To use Ebates, head to their website and find the retailer you plan to shop and then click the “Shop Now” button to earn a percentage of cash back on your purchase. If you do a lot of online shopping, this quickly adds up and is an great way to earn free cash. It is incredibly simple to use, and takes just seconds to click through their site before beginning your shopping. Your cash back can be sent via check or Paypal and payments are sent out 4 times a year. Sign up with this link to get $10 after your first purchase!

My Points

My Points is another easy to use, hassle free way to earn cash. For any online retailer that Ebates doesn’t cover, I head over to My Points. For each qualifying purchase you make at an online retailer, you will earn points. As these points add up, you can redeem them for Paypal cash or various gift cards. My Points participates with loads of online retailers and always offers a fair amount of points for purchases. If you have free time and are looking to earn points with My Points even faster, you can take surveys, watch videos, answer polls, perform searches and more to earn a large amount of points on a regular basis.

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