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Top 5 Natural Health & Wellness Tips for Dogs {#BestPawForward}

October 11, 2016

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Over the past 5 years our dog, Julio, has become a loved member of our family creating many happy memories. A mix of chihuahua, yorkie, dachshund, and pug, he has a silly, playful, larger-than-life personality contained in his little pup body. Julio’s health and wellness is priority so we can enjoy many more years of fun to come with him. There are several easy ways to maintain a dog’s health each day. Listed below are my top 6 natural ways to keep dogs healthy*.


1. Choose natural dog food. We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat”. This is true for dogs too! If you feed your pet food loaded with fillers and additives, he will likely not function at his full potential. Choosing dog food with recognizable whole foods as main ingredients as opposed to foods using poultry by-product meal is significantly important. Additionally, your pet’s food should be free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Purina Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food fits all of the above qualities while satisfying your dog’s appetite. This natural dog food is packed with protein, essential ingredients, and antioxidants that aid in immune support. Made in the USA, it is available in several varieties your dog will be sure to love with protein rich meat as its first ingredient. Free of corn, wheat, and soy, it is an optimal choice of food that you can feel confident feeding your dog each day. I particularly love Beyond Small Dog Food because it’s bite size kibble is perfect for small breed dogs like Julio. Another huge factor, that makes Purina Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food stand out is it’s affordable price. I purchase it at my local Giant Food Store during my regular grocery shopping trip and always find the price to be more than reasonable for the quality. Giant Food Store also offers a huge variety of Purina Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food products so you can find everything you need in one convenient spot.

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2. Only use filtered drinking water. Anyone drinking water in my home only receives filtered water, including pets. All the contaminants that can be present in tap water including copper, mercury, and lead, will affect a pet’s health just as they can be detrimental to our own health. With water being the only source of hydration for pets, it’s important to ensure that is is purified.


3. Take a daily walk. A daily walk is beneficial for dogs in innumberable ways. Maintaining a dog’s weight, regulating his digestive health, and socializing him, are just a few ways exercising a dog can help maintain his health. Another benefit from walks that our dog particularly benefits from is decreased hyperactivity. If your pup is not getting the exercise he needs each day, he will not only be bored but also have a bundle of energy with no outlet. Walks are an easy and everyday way to maintain a dog’s health and overall happiness.

4. Grooming regularly. Keeping a dog clean and well groomed is a necessary part of a dog’s health maintenance. Regularly washing a dog with a natural shampoo will help keep his coat healthy and skin clean and nourished. Bathing and brushing, also helps improve circulation and remove dead skin cells and hair. Additionally, regular grooming is important for a dog’s preventative health as you are more likely to discover anything out of the ordinary.


5. Maintain oral health. Bad breath, tartar/plaque build up, and gingivitis are problems that can affect a dog’s oral health just as they affect our teeth. Active chewing is one of the top ways to keep a dog’s mouth clean and healthy, as it aids in decreasing plaque build up. Offering chew toys as well maintaining a healthy diet are helpful in maintaining a healthy mouth. Purina Dentalife is one of my favorite products to give to our dog daily as it helps to clean Julio’s hard to reach teeth and freshen his breath. Free of any artificial colors or flavors, this daily oral care chew is full of wholesome ingredients. Purina Dentalife is made of a scientifically tested, innovative and porous texture that helps reduce tarter buildup which makes it a number one choice to help keep my dog’s mouth clean! Find it at your local Giant Food Store in the pet food aisle on your next shopping trip.


Ready to shop Purina Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food and Purina Dentalife? Be sure to pick up your October 16th local Sunday newspaper with money-saving coupons on Purina Beyond products including $2 off any Beyond 3lb bag Dry Dog food or $3 off any Beyond 13lb or larger bag Dry Dog food! Also save $2 on Purina Dentalife hereimg_0931

*Not to be taken as professional veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet.

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    These are all great tips- dental health is especially important in small dogs! #client

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