Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App Review

May 15, 2016

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With beautiful classical music by Prokofiev, Wagner, and Mahler, captivating storytelling, and engaging characters and visuals that instantly draw in children’s attention, the new Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App has quickly become a favorite in our family. Narrated by Alice Cooper, this classic musical story has a modern twist that kids will love!

The story follows a newly orphaned boy who travels from his home in Russia to LA where he stays with his grandfather who works as a gardener for a movie star. It’s difficult for Peter to adjust to his new home but he finds friendship in the surrounding animals, like a little red bird and a duck. When Peter learns that a wolf has escaped the local zoo, he sets out on an epic adventure to catch it! Humor, action, and suspense are all part of this fun story, as little one’s can’t wait to see what happens next.

This app has so many qualities that make it stand out as a treasured story for children. The classical music, which is played by the National Youth Orchestra of Germany, delightfully brings the story to life. Each character is represented by a specific instrument throughout the story (your child can meet each of the characters before the story and hear a snippet of it’s instrumental music). All of the visuals for the story were handmade in Brooklyn, NY. The colorful painted and sculpted models will have your little one immersed in this animated tale. Alice Cooper’s narration of each character in the story is done in an imaginative way that naturally draws in little ones.

The app is super easy for kids to use as they can simply press the arrow buttons or side swipe to move through the story. Children will love the extras included in the app, like how the story was made and meeting the characters. Additionally, the iPad Deluxe app features 9 interactive games as well as opportunities to explore the music. Another aspect I love about the app, is that the story is 48 minutes long so it’s not something your child will be done with in just a couple of minutes.

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Download the app on your iPhone or iPad at the Apple App Store. Head over to to learn more!

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    This movie looks cute!

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