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5 Plant-Based Cookbooks for Kids

March 12, 2016

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Does your child love to cook? These 6 cookbooks are packed with delicious plant-based recipes little ones can cook themselves (or with a little help from mom or dad). With bright and colorful photos and easy to read instructions, your little mini-chef will be inspired and ready to create!

The Forest Feast for Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That are Simple to Make

The Forest Feast for Kids is features vegetarian recipes that are quick, easy and fun to make. Each meal is simple and full of fresh and lively flavors that will appeal to kids. Colorful and vibrant photography of the delicious recipes along with children cooking the dishes themselves will inspire your little one. In addition to recipes, the book features ideas for kids’ parties, crafty table decoration, an illustrated guide on kitchen safety and easy-to-follow instructions on techniques, measurements, and other helpful kitchen aides.

The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

This irresistibe cookbook presents 60 appealing recipes kids can’t wait to make themselves with fun and charming illustrations they will love. Recipes are written simply and easy for little one’s to understand. Bursting with color, humor, cute animal characters, and cool facts, it is is sure to become a favorite!

How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids

How to Eat a Rainbow is a magical themed children’s recipe book that targets the most difficult dietary areas: treats, snacks, and drinks. Filled with 22 recipes that can add an extra boost of energy and get kids excited about healthy eating! How to Eat a Rainbow teaches children how to fill their plates with fruits and vegetables in all the colors of the rainbow, and the importance of eating a variety of colors every day. Each recipe is a world children can dive into while they unpack the ingredients and make their own work of art.

Kids Can Cook: Vegetarian Recipes

Kids Can Cook is perfect for kids who want to try their hand at creating tasty meatless dishes and for parents who want meals that are nutritious and easy to prepare. It includes simple recipes for beginners with kid-tested directions. The easiest recipes are marked for novice cooks and cooking hints as well as safety tips are included.

Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole Foods Vegan Recipes

Plant-Powered Families is not written specifically for children, however the book features over 100 kid-friendly whole-food, vegan recipes that are fun and simple to make. Many of recipes would be easy for child to create with a little help from a parent. There is loads of useful info in the book about raising “weegans” including a section devoted to school lunchbox solutions with several creative recipe ideas including substitutions for common hot lunches, homemade snack ideas, quick fixes, and more!

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