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Door to Door Organics Review

January 5, 2015

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For many people making the weekly shopping trip to the grocery store tends to be a one of those dreaded chores, especially if you have young children. For me it means finding a time when my two youngest daughters are not napping and in pleasant moods and then making a run for it to the nearest organic grocer. I’m sure most parents have the same routine which is is why I jumped at the chance to review an amazing online organic grocer: Door to Door Organics. Door to Door Organics offers subscribers an easy and convenient way to access organic produce and other groceries at affordable prices through their user-friendly website. Receive fresh organic groceries at your doorstep each week through just a few simple steps: 

1. Select a Produce Box: Choose from a fresh, seasonal and USDA organic fruits box, veggies box, or a mixed box of fruits and veggies. Then select which size box you would like — prices range from $25.99 for a small mixed box to $57.99 for a large mixed box. *Produce is sourced locally whenever possible.

2. Choose a Delivery Day: Depending on your needs, your box can be delivered weekly or bi-weekly on the delivery day which works best for you.

3. Set your Preferences: Select what fruits and veggies you typically like or dislike so these can be noted on your subscription.

4. Customize your Weekly or Bi-Weekly Order: Each Friday your produce box will have a set amount and type of fruits and veggies in it. You then have the option to go into your order and swap out up to 5 different fruits and veggies for something else or for an additional quantity of something already in your box.

5. Shop for Additional Groceries: This is one of the best parts of a Door to Door Organics subscription. Once you have your produce box all set, you can add your weekly groceries to your order! They offer everything you would buy at your local grocer including bread, snacks, grains, eggs, dairy, meats, beverages, and more!

A few more things that make Door to Door Organics an ideal organic grocery subscription are their 100% guarantee of all products, ability to easily cancel membership at any time (you can also schedule vacations, skip an order, or put membership on hold), free shipping/delivery in recyclable SFI box, and their mission to be sustainable in everything they do while also supporting and partnering with small local farmers.

I was able to try out the small produce box along with some groceries and was nothing short of impressed. Everything arrived neatly packed in the box and was fresh. I loved the variety of organic fruits and vegetables I received which included kale, fuji apples, clementines, zucchini and more– some of these I can’t even find at my local grocery store! I also found the quantity of items I received in the small mixed produce box ($25.99) to be cost effective and a great deal. I highly recommend this service to anyone in the tristate area (they deliver to Eastern PA, NJ, DE, and Staten Island NY) who is looking for high quality organic produce and groceries from a reputable business.





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Disclosure: Thank-you to Door to Door Organics for providing free samples of the products mentioned in this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by any form of compensation. See full disclosure policy in tab above.

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