Make a Natural Difference: 3 Easy Tips to Live Sustainably

December 23, 2013


Did you know the average person generates 4.5 pounds of trash every day? By taking a few simple steps towards living more sustainably, you have the power to create a positive change for the environment. The most effective and simple ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle is by following the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

1. ReduceThere are many ways to reduce waste but one of my favorite methods is through the use of a compost bin. Having a compost bin is a great way to make use of leftover food scraps (egg shells, fruits/vegetables, coffee grounds), yard waste (twigs, dried leaves, grass trimmings), and even newspaper or cardboard. All you need to get started is a small kitchen container to collect daily food scraps and an outdoor bin (a trash can is an affordable option) and you will be on your way to reducing your overall waste output while also creating a one-of-a-kind, nutrient rich soil perfect for an outdoor garden or houseplants!

2. Reuse: Reusing items whenever possible is another excellent way to make a natural difference. A good place to start reusing more and making simple earth-friendly changes is in the kitchen. Replace disposable items like sandwich bags, plastic wrap, napkins, and paper towels with cloth options. Not only will you be helping the environment with these reusable options but you will also be saving money each shopping trip. Additionally, durable glass or stainless steel containers are an effective way to store leftover food rather than their flimsy plastic alternatives. You can even use your empty glass food containers (like pasta sauce or jam jars) as a way to store food once cleaned!

3. Recycle: If you do not already recycle, start now! Considering over 75% of waste is recyclable, this is one of the best ways to live sustainably. Keep a bin next to your kitchen trashcan so you never forget to recycle glass and plastic bottles, boxes, cans, and papers. Be sure to also keep a recycling bin in the bathroom so you don’t make the easy mistake of throwing shampoo or soap bottles in the trash. In addition to recycling everyday items, consider recycling other items like clothing and furniture by donating them or offering them for free on websites like Freecycle or Facebook community yard sale groups.


Disclosure: I was recently asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create these unique tips and share via blog post.

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