DIY Eco-Friendly Greeting Card Holder

December 11, 2013

With the holidays here, I thought it would be the perfect time to show how to easily make a greeting card holder. My family always gets several cards and this is great for keeping them all out on display and neatly organized.  It only requires a few simple things to make and you will love the end result!

Materials Needed
Bundle of Yarn
Large Coffee Can
Can Opener


To get started, use your can opener to remove the bottom of the coffee can. Next, take your starting piece of yarn and tape it to the inside of the can. Begin to tightly wind the yarn over the can. Continue doing this until it is completely covered in yarn and the label of the coffee can no longer be seen. Tape your ending piece of yarn to the inner coffee can.



Then begin putting your cards in the holder by placing each under an individual piece of yarn. You can also use the inner part of the can to put a plant or a decorative item.

DSC_1473   DSC_1472

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