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Top Benefits of Babywearing

May 13, 2013

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Babywearing has endless benefits for both mom and baby. This way of being close to baby is seen across several cultures and is one of the most natural ways of carrying baby in her first months. See below just a few of the top benefits of wearing your baby.

Hands Free
: From running errands to doing housework, wearing your baby is the best way to hold baby while also giving you the freedom to complete daily tasks.

: When your little one is first born, all she wants and needs is the security and closeness of mom and dad. Wearing you baby, will soothe baby while also providing a special time of bonding.

Stimulation for Baby
: When baby is attached to you, she is able to see the world around her while having the security of still being close to you. This will develop her confidence and is one of the first ways she will learn from you about language and how to interact with the environment.

Breastfeed On-th-Go
: Babywearing allows your little one a comfortable and familiar place to breastfeed easily while on-the-go (or at home). There is no need for pillows if you are away from home and your little one will likely fall asleep in the same spot after the feeding.

Family/Caregiver Bonding
: Babywearing is not just for mom– this is an excellent way for dad, aunts/uncles, and grandparents to be involved in the care of baby. Additionally, baby will learn and become familiar with these special family members.

Better Option Than Stroller in Certain Situations
: It is not particularly safe to put your carseat carrier in a shopping cart nor will you be able to fit all of your groceries in the cart. I found babywearing to be one of the best ways to grocery shop when my daughter was in her first months. Additionally, if you like to walk in a variety of different terrains, babywearing won’t hold you back as most strollers will.

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