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Natural Product Alternatives to Detoxify Your Beauty Routine

April 23, 2013

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When I first learned I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I became very aware of all the chemicals I was using on a regular basis on my skin. My daily beauty routine was loaded with toxic chemicals and for the health of myself and my growing baby, I made some major changes. I was very surprised when I easily discovered some excellent natural alternatives that worked just as well or better than the mainstream products. Find below a list of organic and natural products to make your beauty regimen less toxic.

Organic Makeup

Organic makeup can be incredibly expensive which is why I was very excited to find¬†Physician’s Formula Organic Wear. This brand can be found at most local drugstores and the price is comparable to conventional makeup. I use this brand regularly and have found it to work just as well as mainstream makeup without all the harmful toxins. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear carries everything from mascara to liquid foundation and is available in a variety of shades for different skin-tones. Another great beauty product I recommend are The Honest Company’s Lip Balms which are USDA Organic and available in a 3 Pack for only $9.95!

Organic Moisturizer

Many organic lotions will have the word “organic” as part of their label but are not actually USDA organic. In fact, it is very rare to find a USDA organic stamped lotion on the market. Now you can end the search for pure organic lotion because Bubble and Bee creates USDA organic moisturizers from shea butter and various oils that leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Natural Perfume

Perfumes are one of the most toxic beauty products for women because the harmful scented chemicals are not only being placed directly on your skin but also are airborne with each spray (risking inhalation). A few months back I reviewed Branch & Blossom’s Perfume Oils which are a perfect alternative to conventional perfume. They consist of only pure essential oils (available in three beautiful scents) and come in a convenient roll-on container.

Natural Hair Dye

Conventional hair dye is something that should definitely be avoided when pregnant due to the large presence of chemicals. Although if you must color your hair when pregnant, henna dyes are a practical choice. Henna hair dyes are plant based and chemical free so you can be confident in their safety and they are available in a wide range of colors to meet your needs!

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    Thank you for these wonderful reviews! I’m always looking for more organic companies ;)

  • Reply Brenda G. October 6, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Wow. I havent heard of these til now. I like dyi products as well.

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