Keurig Vue Review (With Recyclable Cups!)

April 1, 2013

Did you know Keurig is currently the leading single cup brewing system in North America? Each Keurig system brews a perfect cup of coffee/tea/cocoa at home so you can have a fresh drink each time without an unnecessary trip to your local coffee shop. Keurig holds a strong commitment to being both socially and environmentally responsible. They hold true to these commitments by being the largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in the world so that you will not only have high-quality coffee but coffee-farming communities will have a high quality of life. Additionally, they are  aware of their environmental impact and are continually seeking more eco-friendly options. Some eaxamples of changes they have implemented in recent years include:

*Introducing nested packaging for K-Cup packs, which they have estimated will reduce distribution-related greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20% and decrease volume of packaging by 30%.
*Launching two pilot programs in their Away From Home channel that divert brewed K-Cup packs from landfills.
*Offering the My K-Cup product, a reusable filter assembly that can be refilled by the consumer.
*Providing considerable energy savings through auto-off feature for at home brewing systems (excluding the MINI and MINI Plus).
*Constructing brewing systems and cups with BPA free materials.
I recently had the opportunity to review Keurig’s latest coffee system, the Vue. The Keurig Vue offers so many features that allow you to have a custom drink in under a minute. The sleek design and resulting beverage make you feel as if you just received a specialty drink at a coffee shop without ever leaving your home.

Key Features
Custom Brew Technology
With custom brew technology, you can have each cup of coffee brewed exactly how you would like. A user friendly touch screen allows you to choose whether you would like a strong or regular cup of coffee. Adjustments in water pressure, timing and air-flow result in your perfect beverage.
Temperature Control
Like your coffee or tea very hot? You can customize each cup to your preference with a variety of brewing temperatures.
Brew a Variety of Sizes
Whether you want a small cup of coffee or opt for a large cup- it’s your choice! With the Vue you can brew 8 different cup sizes ranging from 4 to 18 ounces. The drip tray is removable to accommodate larger cups.
Brew a Variety of Beverages
The Vue brews much more than coffee. Brew anything from a frothy cafe drink to iced sweet tea! There are so many beverage options available making this machine useful for everyone in the family!
Energy Saving Mode
This is such a great feature because in addition to the machine having an energy saving mode, you can program the brewer to turn on and off at a certain times.
Vue Cups are Recyclable!
Vue cups can be recycled wherever #5 plastics are accepted. This is a huge improvement from K-Cups and demonstrates Keurig is truly bringing positive changes and less waste with this latest brewer! Because the Vue cup is designed differently than the K-Cup, K-Cups are not compatible with this machine. In addition, Keurig plans to soon introduce a reusable cup for this model.
Large Refillable Reservoir
The Vue has a 80 oz flip top lid removable reservoir, so you can brew more cups without having to refill.

What more could you want from a home brewing machine? The Keurig Vue truly offers everything! Head over to Staples to purchase this brewer at an affordable price with FREE shipping! Plus, it includes a bonus variety pack of 10 Vue cups so you can get started brewing your favorite beverages!

Full disclosure,
Staples provided me with this Keurig Coffee Maker. The words and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. To see the full line of Keurig Coffee Makers visit

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