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Planning Out A Peaceful & Nature-Inspired Home Office

May 28, 2021

With so many of us converting to working from home, an office is becoming an essential room to have. But at the same time, we don’t want bring the stresses and strains of our work lives into the home. So, why not plan out a peaceful and nature-inspired home office?

Finding A Place Full of Calm

The first task is to work out where you’re going to put your home office. And how much you have to spend on it, could determine where it goes. For example, you could convert an attic or loft space, or build a room in the garden. Both would work well, as they’d be dedicated spaces, away from the family areas. But the cost of a loft conversion can be four times as much as you pay to build a garden office.

Wherever you decide to put your office, you’ll want it to have loads of natural light flooding in. And if you enjoy being close to nature, a view of the garden is a must.

Sustainable Wood Furniture and Plastic-Free Storage

If you’re looking for a nature-inspired home office, and a space that’s decorated with the environment in mind, then there’s a lot to think about. Let’s begin with the furniture.

A wooden desk will fit in well with a nature-inspired office. But you should look for wood that’s labeled as being from sustainable sources and ideally you should be able to trace the origin of the materials. Alternatively, why not upcycle an old desk and give it a new lease of life? Or use reclaimed materials to build your own?

Many storage solutions are full of plastic, from storage organizers to drawers. However, there are plenty of simple yet stylish options that stick to metal and wood or use recycled plastics.

But of course, you don’t need to stick to off-the-shelf storage. Why not use plant pots as pen holders and a metal bucket for your waste bin? These could tie-in well with an outdoor or garden theme.

A Natural Interior

Apart from desks and storage ideas, what else might you include in your new office décor? Well, if you’re decorating the walls then stick to chalk and clay paints or chemical-free printed wallpaper. And go for colors and patterns that are inspired by nature. Think mossy and sage greens or botanical prints.

And don’t forget to dot the room with a bit of greenery from houseplants. Ivy is great for popping in a pot on your shelves. It will trail over the pot nicely and it doesn’t need tons of light to thrive. Plus, it’s easy to care for. For the rest of the room, try a tropical mix of dracaenas, ferns, palms, and philodendrons.


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