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Maintaining Gut Health in Kids: Gut Connection Kids by Country Life Review

October 2, 2020

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Good gut health = good overall health. About 70 percent of the immune system is housed in the gut, making it that much more important to keep your GI microbiome happy and healthy! Maintaining good gut health in kids can be achieved through a colorful diet (fruits/veggies/high fiber foods), outdoor time playing in the grass/dirt, regular playtime/exercise, adequate fluids, and supplements. Maintaining gut health and avoiding things that disturb a healthy microbiome (junk foods, unnecessary antibiotic treatments, etc) will help to ensure optimal growth and development.

My three girls have taken natural supplements to support their GI system for several years because I immediately noticed how well it keeps them in balance. I also love that they’re an easy way to add a daily boost to their immune system. I recently learned about Gut Connection Kids by Country Life and my daughters have been able to try out some of their products. Gut Connection Kids are scientifically formulated and clinically studied to provide support to immune and gut health*. What makes Gut Connection Kids different from other similar products is that they are free of probiotics and rather use plant-based extracts and prebiotics to support the digestive system. All supplements contain Epicor® which is a yeast fermentate that reinforces the immune system’s first line of defense through fast acting immune support. Gut Connection Kids products are carefully created with purity and accuracy and contain functional non-gmo ingredients that help support your child’s individual needs. I love that they have a variety of products that connect various health issues with gut health including sleepbalance™, cognitivebalance™, digestivebalance™, and immunebalance™. 

With my two youngest daughters back in school, we have incorporated Gut Connection Kids immunebalance™ into their daily supplements. This supplement is small with a fun polar bear shape, chewable and has a sweet and sour taste, so they don’t mind taking it each morning. I like that the supplements support their gut in a way that is different from a probiotic by stimulating their GI system to create their own healthy bacteria. The Epicor® in each serving helps maintain gut lining, gut barrier function, and support overall gut microbiome and a shift in gut microbiota composition*. Another reason to love this brand is that their manufacturing supports wind power and packaging is recyclable!

Head over to to shop Gut Connection Kids products as well as explore all of their other product offerings! Be sure to use code MOMS20 to save 20% at checkout and stay healthy!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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