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4 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Toddler Bedtime

June 18, 2018

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand of diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.

If you are a parent of a toddler then you know bedtime is actually “one more story” time, “I’m thirsty or hungry” time, “I have to go potty” time, “but I’m not sleepy” time, or just about any other idea your little one will create to stall the his/her impending sleep. With the same requests every night and the formation of less than ideal sleep time habits, your little one will inevitably fall into a negative bedtime routine. Fortunately, there are a few simple and effective ways to make bedtime more pleasant and even welcomed from the toddler front. Below are 5 of my tried and true tips to help little ones have a successful bedtime routine.

1. Routine

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A consistent bedtime routine is essential for your child. Be aware of the recommended amount of sleep your child requires based on his/her age and plan regular bed and wake times accordingly. Create a simple routine at the same time each night that includes all your child’s anticipated needs (so there is no running back and forth from bed multiple time). For us this is always going potty, brushing teeth, washing face, getting a drink of water, and putting on pj’s and a pull-up. If your little one is still requesting to get out of bed, stay firm so they know that it’s not an option and that your “no” means no. Following this routine nightly, will allow your child to know exactly what to expect and be less likely to put up a front when the clock hits bedtime.

2. Comfort

Your child’s comfort when going to bed is another huge part of a successful sleep routine. Make sure your little one has seasonally appropriate pajamas, a lightweight blanket and a nightlight on so it’s not super dark which can cause kids to become fearful of their room. Another way to promote a relaxing and comfortable environment is through essential oils. Try diffusing lavender oil to help calm your child — you can even choose a diffuser that serves double duty as both an oil diffuser and nightlight.


A new product that I recently added to my little one’s bedtime routine are Sposie Diaper Booster Pads. Although my daughter is fully potty trained during the day, she still has occasional accidents overnight. Since she is older, these accidents can sometimes leak from the pull-up, wetting her as well as everything around her in bed which causing immediate discomfort. Her waking up soaked along with her favorite blanket in the middle of the night is something I try to avoid at all costs since it’s upsetting to her and very interruptive to her sleep. Sposie Diaper Booster Pads are the perfect solution for heavy wetters. These pads are designed to work with ANY diaper (even cloth!) or pull up brand and are simply inserted into the diaper before use. The pad can be adjusted once inserted for optimal leak protection (for a girl leave in the middle, for boy pull it to the front). They are super soft and wick away moisture to create a stay dry barrier that helps to reduce diaper rash and irritation. They are also an eco-friendly option since the pads extend the life of a diaper by allowing for a full cup of extra fluid, they eliminate the need for diaper doubling (using 2 diapers to prevent leaks), and finally reducing unnecessary laundry that results from diaper overflow. Some more things to love about Sposie Diaper Booster Pads:

  • Doubles the capacity of your child’s diaper adding up to 8 fl oz of absorbency
  • Guaranteed maximum protection against leaks!
  • FREE of: fragrance, latex, and chlorine
  • Made in the USA
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Sposie Diaper Doublers are available for purchase at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Find a store near you here. We found them at our local Walmart in the baby aisle for a super affordable price.

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Winding Down


It’s important not to expect your tot to go right to sleep after having a full day of play. When bedtime is approaching help your child to wind down by dimming the lights, choosing a set number of books for story time, and playing some light lullabies or background music. Bedtime should be peaceful and pleasant, so avoid engaging in any high intensity play leading up to the time and avoid tv or tablet screen time.

Enough Playtime/Activity During the Day


Getting enough activity during the daytime is essential to a good night’s sleep. Make sure you are allowing enough time each day for your little one to burn off their energy so they are appropriately tired by bedtime. This is a bit of a fine line so be mindful that too much activity can lead to being overtired, making it hard for your toddler to fall asleep and often extremely fussy at bedtime. When your ready to start your child’s new bedtime routine, create a fun sticker reward chart together, that he/she can easily mark off when they stayed in bed and had a good night!

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    Loving all of these tips, although we’re biased about using Sposie Diaper Doublers at night! No one likes a leaky diaper. Here’s to a good night’s sleep… and stickers. Those are always fun! :) #client

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