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5 Benefits to Nightly Showers + Dream Designs Organic Cotton Towel Sale

February 22, 2016

This post has been sponsored by Dream Designs. All opinions expressed are my own.


When the end of the day comes, one of my favorite things to do is take a warm shower. I, like many others, prefer this daily ritual as oppose to a morning shower, to help me relax and prepare for bed. But did you know there are several interesting health benefits to nightly showers?

1- A hot shower is a natural sedative due to the drop in body temperature post-shower which signals your body’s metabolic functions to slow and prepare for rest (heart rate, breathing, and digestion).

2- At the end of the day, a shower is the best way to remove toxins from your skin. As you scrub your skin, innumerable toxins and pollutants that have collected there during the day will be washed away.

3- A warm shower can help reduce anxiety and stress. Taking a few minutes alone in the shower at the end of each day is extremely beneficial to relaxing your body and mind. Add the scent of lavender for further calming effects.

4- Muscles loosen and relax when the warm water of the shower hits them. While the relief may only be temporary, a hot shower can still provide a significant reduction in pain and inflammation.

5- The warm steam from a shower is a natural decongestant that will help clear any chest and nasal congestion so you can breathe easier.

After receiving all the wonderful benefits from a warm shower, I like to wrap up in a soft and cozy organic cotton towel. Choosing an organic cotton towel is super important so that you are not placing irritating fabrics that could leave chemical residues on your fresh skin. Dream Designs offers a beautiful selections of soft, thick, and plush towels with a traditional terry feel. Each towel is made to last from the finest Oeko Tex certified organic cotton.


Dream Designs commitment to sustainability and use of premium organic and natural textiles makes them the perfect place to shop for beautiful organic towels as well as other home items. This woman-owned business established over 30 years ago, pays close attention to every detail as they combine style with natural materials to create products that will withstand time. To live better, to feel better, and to be better is their dream and it is accomplished through their shop’s offerings of top quality products that make it easy to live an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Ready to stock up on luxurious cotton towels? Dream Designs is having a huge sale on their organic cotton towels through 3/15! Save 15% on all colors with coupon code rejuvenate. Additionally, if you purchase navy or violet you will be sent (via email) a 20% off coupon for use on a future order!


Head over to Dream Designs to shop now! You can also find Dream Designs in the US and Canada- find a store near you here.

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  • Reply Angela Saver February 23, 2016 at 7:14 am

    I really need some new towels, so I’m gonna order me some! Can’t wait for som nice luxury towels!

  • Reply cyndi br October 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    these towels look soft and I like the colors

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