Top 3 Eco-Friendly and Organic Crayons

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Coloring is such an excellent developmental activity for children as it benefits creativity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and much more. It is important to choose crayons for your little one that are made of natural, non-toxic materials as conventional crayons are often made with chemical additives and dyes. Below is a list of the top options available for eco-friendly and non-toxic crayons for kids.

Eco-Kids Eco-Crayons


Eco-Crayons are made with a natural wax blend and natural earth pigments (bees way, soy wax, and carnauba wax). Perfect for little ones as they are easy to grab and hold, hard to break, and never need to be sharpened! They are shaped using molds made with actual rocks picked up by children along the Maine coast. Their unique shape makes it fun to color with a fine point to shading! Each unit includes 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black.

We Can Too- Organic Veggie Crayons


We Can Too Organic Veggie Crayons are made from natural and organic ingredients, so they are hand to mouth safe! Their square shape makes it easy for baby’s hand to hold, plus fun for stacking and building! Made of soy wax for better color as well as organic mineral pigments and fruit/veggie powders. Free of petroleum and other toxic additives as well as wheat, sugar, and preservative! Comes in 5 organic colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple.

Crazy Crayons Eco Stars


Crazy Crayons Eco Stars offer 20 star shaped, solid color crayons in a box (100 points of colors)! Their star shape fits perfectly in a child’s hand for coloring inside the lines or doodling. When one start gets dull, just turn to the next point. Fun to color with 2 points at the same time, making parallel lines. Perfect earth conscious choice  —  these star crayons are made with crayons collected by the National Crayon Recycle Program. The purchase of this product supports “Recycling Education” and employs people with developmental disabilities, creating a positive earth conscious impact through the art of coloring and recycling! Crayons and packaging are made in USA with 100% recycled non-toxic materials. Eco Stars are handcrafted using only crayons conforming to ASTM D4236.

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