Stokke Scoot Stroller: Review and Giveaway


Strollers are an essential when you become a parent but shopping for them can be an overwhelming task. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find one that has everything you need like durability, safety, comfort, ease of use, and style. I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Stokke® Scoot™ and was thrilled to find it met all of the above characteristics and more! The functionality and convenience of this compact stroller are unsurpassed and perfect for on-the-go with baby.

Stokke® Scoot™ Stroller Features


*2 way front and rear facing seat: This feature sets the Stokke® Scoot™ apart from so many other strollers and is a huge benefit as your little one can see and interact with you while being pushed.

*4 recline to upright positions: The  Stokke® Scoot™ can easily be changed from active to rest positions in both the forward or rear facing positions which makes naps on-the-run effortless (simply unclip from 2 back snaps)! Change the seat from rear to forward facing easily by pushing in on sides to release and change to preferred direction (without baby inside seat).

*Soft padded seat: The seat in this stroller is super comfortable which allows baby to ride contently.

*2 clip buckle: Many strollers have complicated buckles but the Scoot consists of just 2 clips that easily snap into buckle and keep your child fully secured!

                    _MG_0959    _MG_0962

*Suitable for café or high chair substitute: Because this stroller sits higher than average it could be pushed up to most public tables as a replacement for a highchair.

*Stable footrest, easy step access for toddlers

*Water repellant canopy: If you are looking for an all weather stroller this is it! The water repellent canopy is great for walks in the rain as it keeps baby warm and dry.

*Visor for extra protection from wind and light: The Stokke® Scoot™ canopy is already very large, keeping baby protected from sun or wind but their is an additional add-on visor to provide even more coverage. Either fold visor back with the rest of the canopy or if you prefer, remove it by unzipping it from the hood.

*Optional opening for ventilation through 30% of the hood to prevent your child overheating: This is also a way to view baby when he/she is forward facing.

*Footrest is adjustable as your child grows which means no dangling feet.

*Seat saftety indicator: On both sides of the seat there are small circle indicators which are green when the seat is correctly positioned.

*Mosquito net cover keeps pesky bugs off of baby.

                    _MG_0990    _MG_0992

*Rain cover gives baby full protection from rain or snow.

*Seat is available in a variety of beautiful colors.

Cargo Basket

The cargo basket of a stroller is another important feature. The Stokke® Scoot™ has an extra roomy cargo basket that is perfect for shopping bags or your little one’s diaper bag. It is also close to ground level, which provides more stability to the stroller. Lastly, the basket can be easily accessed from all sides so you can get to your items quickly and easily.

_MG_0970    _MG_0968


*4 lockable swivelling wheels: The swivelling wheels make it super easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

*Wheels can also be locked in one direction: This convenient feature is great for walking from block to block in a town or city.

*Created with soft material: No need to worry about puncturing the wheels.

*Single brake solution for both wheels: So many strollers have a different brake for each wheel–this stroller simplifies the brake by one single action brake that is easily accessed and pushed in one step.

Additional Features

*Each Stokke® Scoot™ comes with a 3 year warranty so you can purchase worry-free!

*Easy one hand folding: Fold the stroller in just two steps (push seat upwards and press in button under seat to collapse stroller)

*Height adjustable handle: Both my husband (6’1) and I (5’8) are tall and have always had difficulty finding a stroller that we didn’t have to bend over to push. This stroller’s handle can be easily adjusted to a higher level to provide comfort for taller statures.

*Minimal trunk space: This compact stroller takes up minimal trunk space leaving more room for any other necessities.


The Stokke® Scoot™ stroller is by far the best, most innovative compact stroller I have seen and I highly recommend it! It offers so many convenient features that help you and baby have an enjoyable time while on-the-go. For more information or to purchase the stroller head over to

Be sure to follow Stokke for additional product updates and promotions!

Do you LOVE the Stokke® Scoot™ Stroller? Enter for a chance to win this amazing stroller in the color of your choice! Enter by 11/12 via Rafflecopter. (Open to U.S. and Canada only)a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Thank-you to Stokke for providing the above mentioned product. Although I received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by any form of compensation. All giveaways are free of charge, no purchase necessary to win. Giveaways are not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Peace Love Organic Mom is not responsible for any prize not fulfilled by the sponsor or damaged during shipping. See full disclosure policy in tab above.

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  1. Dawn S. says

    I like the urban blue, though the purple looks great too! I like how easily folded it is, as well as the indicators that verify if it is attached correctly.

  2. Melondy B says

    my favorite color is the Black Melange. I love the fact that it has a height adjustable handle. All of Stokke products are awesome!!!!

  3. Dana Adams says

    I would love to win this stroller for my baby girl in purple. My favorite feature is the reversible handle so that I can interact with her on walks sometimes. That’s the only feature I wish our current stroller had.

  4. Anna C says

    I like the black melange. I love a bunch of the features! All the included extras (especially the cupholder), how compact it is, and the accessibility of the storage basket.

  5. Pauline Milner says

    I really like the dark navy and am impressed that there is a cup holder. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  6. michelle says

    love the Black Melange – and my fave feature is the Suitable for café or high chair substitute. as well as its a one handed set up and take down and i adore that

  7. Katy says

    I love the stroller in Black Melange. I think my favorite feature has to be how easily it folds up- and how small it gets!


  8. Chaun says

    I love the Urban Blue! The best thing for me about this stroller is that it can substitute a high chair. I am always on the go and this would definitely help!

  9. Cassandra Eastman says

    Black Melange is my favorite color, I love it! Also, my favorite feature of the scoot is the parent facing seat option. I also love a one hand fold! :)

  10. Thabal says

    My favorite feature of Stokke scoot is ‘4 recline to upright positions’. Love the rest and active positions. My favorite color is Red. Brown looks great as well. A tough choice, really. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Camilla L says

    This stroller is awesome; really hard to choose only ONE feature that I like the most. It can be overwhelming choosing a stroller for your baby, but you did a great job presenting this one. So if I have to pick one fav feature, it would be the easy one hand folding. Seriously, what parent doesn’t like this feature?? And my fav color is the black melange. I have my fingers crossed to be the winner of this awesome stroller for our future baby!!!

  12. joanne gentry says

    I love the lockable swivel wheels…when my kids were little, you had to watch those wheels! I love the RED.

  13. Caroline Moustache says

    my favourite colour is Beige

    favourite feature: cupholder is included,

    cannot get through the day without coffee

  14. Stacy Anders says

    I like the Dark Navy color. My favorite stroller feature is versatility, specifically the ability for rear and forward facing options. It is so nice, especially when babies are very young to be able to watch and interact with them while out and about, then later when they are more inquisitive turn them around and let them explore :) I love it!

  15. Michele P says

    my fave color is the Urban Blue. I like the lightweight feature of course, but the mosquito net and extra roomy cargo area on the bottom are great too.

  16. Alycia says

    Black Melange is my favorite color. My favorite feature is the fold! Super easy!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  17. Maegan Morin says

    Purple is definately my favorite color! I dont know if thats the color id get but its nice. My favorite features are the 5 point harness and the height adjustable handle.

  18. says

    My favorite color is Urban Blue, and my favorite feature is the height adjustable handle (which my current stroller does NOT have, and it was clearly designed for people much shorter than me and my husband!)

  19. Jeannette says

    I love the Black Melange. I love the 2 way rear and front facing seat! I am always nervous and stopping to check on baby when they are itty bitty and this would calm my nerves A LOT! I also love how easy it is to fold and how compact it becomes!

  20. eleanor says

    I like dark navy. My favorite features are the 4 lockable swivelling wheels and it can be folded into a compact size to fit into the car trunk.

  21. Jennifer B says

    The beige melange color is fabulous. I absolutely love the height of the seat and that it faces two ways. The one handed single fold is awesome as well – as a city inhabitant it would be really convenient for subway riding!

  22. Crystal Sell says

    I really like the beige melange. I like that it is lightweight and that it has 4 recline to upright positions.
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  23. amy pugmire says

    Black Melange is my fav and I like the 4 lockable swiveling wheels! The swivelling wheels make it super easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

  24. One Southern Girl says

    I’d love to have the Stokke Scoot stroller in Brown… I’m pretty tickled that it can be used as a highchair substitute and that it includes a mosquito net and rain cover!!

  25. Kate Keller says

    I love the Black Melange color. My favorite feature is the one handed compact fold because it takes up so little space in the trunk.

  26. Gabby D says

    I would love the stroller in black molange. My absolute favorite feature would be that is it compact to the extent it takes up very little space in your car

  27. Ashley T. says

    I love the purple and the brown, also that it folds so compact. That’s so nice for smaller cars with not much space.

  28. Marianne says

    Purple, because I’m crazy like that. And I like that there are no sharp edges, etc in the seating area near the child.

  29. M james says

    I really like the Brown, more unique color as most strollers are red or black. Great features & looks easy to fold.

  30. Cintia Scanlan says

    I love the Urban Blue and the reversable seat feature. I love that my little one can look at me if he needs to.

  31. Sasha L. says

    I love the black melange, which is really more of a grey, seems like it wouldn’t show too much dirt, but also not be too hot in the summer!

  32. Joyce Raymond says

    I fell in love with the purple but there were some really unique colors for a stroller! I really like that you can easily have the stroller face the front or rear. You might be a little fussy, but changing the scenery might do the trick.

  33. Lisa R says

    I love the urban blue but not sure if it’s a practical choice otherwise I love the Navy. I love the one handed feature

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  34. michelle koerner says

    I like the purple. The urban blue is also pretty awesome! My favorite feature is that the seat is so high up. I was in a car accident almost a year ago, and I am still dealing with injuries. I have serious back and leg problems. My yougest daughter is almost 3. Normally I would say she is getting to be too old for a stroller, however I cannot pick her up. Walking is normally hard for my, but if I wanted to go anywhere with my children its a struggle. I cant just pick her up like you normally would if she got tired or something. Anyway, most seats are so far away, and bending is also difficult for me. I love that the seat is high enough that I wouldnt have to bend alll the way over! Ooops didnt mean to write a essay, lol :)

  35. Tian A. says

    I like Beige Melange color and my favorite feature is engineered suspension for a smooth ride, thank you fro the chance.

  36. Elizabeth B says

    I like the brown and there are lots of great features! I like the seat position options and the large cargo basket and the ease of folding it up!

  37. Shannon L. Barlow says

    Purple stroller for color and I think it’s awesome that it can be used as a highchair. What a cool stroller.

  38. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Black Melange would be my first choice and the fact that it can be folded up with one hand is my all time favourite feature.

  39. Katiria says

    We are expecting a little “surprise” 10 years after having my son and I thought I was done with kids, so this will be a VERY welcome item indeed ! !

  40. Melissa P. says

    Forgot to mention my favorite feature is the compact fold up design. It’s so hard to go to the groceries with my current clunky stroller that takes up all my trunk space.

  41. Lindsay says

    I love the dark navy and I love all the features honestly but I’ll say my favorite is the reversible seat, I think my little would much happier if he could see me!

  42. valerie says

    ugh… can’t decide between the black malange and the urban blue. i love that it can be used in place of a high chair. that makes it super convenient if out and about.

  43. says

    This gorgeous stroller would look great in any color but I would choose black melange. My favorite feature is that it is suitable for a high chair substitute. A Nice feature for outdoor cafe eating.

  44. Jennifer P. says

    My favourite colour is the Black Melange but I am having a really hard time picking my favourite feature of the stroller – I love them all!! I guess I will go with the height adjustable handle – my husband is 6’4″, so it’s a deal breaker if a stroller doesn’t have an adjustable handle because if we both can’t push it comfortably we don’t want it, no matter how good the other features are… Thank you!

  45. Kat says

    I love the reach purple color and the one hand fold feature, along with the fact that it is lightweight and so multifunctional!

  46. Pip444 says

    I really like the new beige color, it’s so neutral. I’m impressed with all its features but the 5 point safety harness and it’s durable lightweight frame are nice.

  47. Morgan says

    Black Melange is my favorite color. The 2 way rear and front facing seat and one handed fold are my favorite features.

  48. Tara L says

    Purple is nice & I love the safety harness the best! Kids these days know how to get loose out of the stroller its crazy!


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