Eco-Friendly DIY Father’s Day Gifts

June 6, 2013

Father’s Day is only about a week away so I wanted to share some eco-friendly ways to make dad some special keepsakes. After saving some of the cardboard boxes from our weekly recycling, my girls and I came up with the idea to make their dad a coupon holder and coupons as well as a Father’s Day badge. These are very simple crafts and great for young children to make dad something fun!

Coupons for Dad

(1) Toilet Tissue Roll
Medium Sized Piece of Cardboard
Glue Stick
Colored Recycled Paper

Handmade coupons are such a sweet way for kids to give their dad something special. Have your little one come up with a few ideas for special things he/she can do for dad. Then take a toilet tissue roll and flatten it. Glue a piece of paper on the end (we used dad’s favorite color, green) to seal it shut. Next, let your child decorate the front to personalize it. Then cut pieces of cardboard small enough to fit into the coupon holder. Cut squares of recycled paper to place on the front of the coupon to add a little but of color. Have your child write their ideas on the front of coupon and then stuff the coupon holder full!

World Best Dad Badge


Medium Sized Piece of Cardboard
Glue Stick
Paint or Crayons
(1) Picture of child with Dad
Pin (for dad to be able to wear)

For this fun craft, take a piece of cardboard and cut into a badge shape. Next, have your child color or paint the badge. Then have your little one find their favorite picture with dad. Cut into a circle and glue in center of badge. Pin badge to dad on Father’s Day for him to wear all day!

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