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Toy Tuesday: Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and Organic Baby Swings

April 2, 2013

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Unfortunately there are very few baby swings made of natural or organic materials currently available. Most infant swings are very large, battery operated and composed of plastics, leaving parents seeking more natural options at a loss. I have found a few alternatives that are not traditional swings but very similar and made of more natural, non-toxic materials than current options. I love that these swings sway only with your baby’s movements or if you gently rock them rather than with a motorized rocking.

Magic Cabin Organic Baby Hammock
Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 5.10.34 PM
This organic baby hammock by Magic Cabin is perfect for calming or lulling baby to sleep with it’s easily adjustable positions. The hammock stand allows for the hammock to be positioned in one of two ways. The closed position helps babies feel more comfortable because it provides the same feeling of the mother’s womb. Older babies might prefer the open position because it gives more room to move and look around them.
*For ages newborn to 8 mos.


With a unique, sleek and refined design, the Nuna LEAF is a smart infant seat choice for baby. The strategic seating angle keeps baby comfortable when snoozing or while being entertained. Plus, the powerless and noiseless Nuna LEAF does not require any cords or electricity for movement; simply give a soft push to start a soothing rocking motion and it continues on its own without assistance. The Nuna LEAF also features certified organic fabrics, a locking mechanism for feedings or playtime and a removable base for easy storage and portability. The Nuna LEAF has 2 modes: The baby seat is for babies up to 6 months old or when baby can hold head up independently and the child seat mode is for children who are able to walk independently and weighing up to 130 lbs.

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