Monsanto Protection Act Signed Into Law: 5 Actions to Avoid GMO’s

The Monsanto Protection Act and HR 933 was signed into law this week. This is such a disgrace and not only negatively effects our children/families but also the environment. Take action and avoid harmful GMO’s by taking the actions listed below.

1. Boycott companies who create GE products and who support the non-labeling of GMO foods.

2.) Buy USDA Organic Foods. The National Organic Standards prohibit the use of genetic engineering, just make sure the product has USDA Organic stamp (not just the word “organic” on package). Also, some foods that are not organic may still be GMO free, just look for the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal.

3.) Stick to buying fresh (unprocessed) foods as much as possible. GMO’s tend to lurk in processed foods containing corn and soy.

4.) Avoid the top 5 foods most likely to be GE (corn, soy, canola, cotton, and sugar made from beets).

5.) Write to the FDA and Congress as well as petitioning GMO food labeling here:

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  1. Kelly says

    Thank you for increasing awareness about GMO’s. My family is 100% Non-GMO, and we are thankful that more and more products are becoming available. :)

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