Toy Tuesday: Mirror Play with Baby

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Looking for something fun to do with your baby? Try grabbing a mirror and letting her gaze at her reflection for a little while, because babies love to look and learn from faces. She won’t recognize herself quite yet (that usually happens around 9 months) but she will learn to focus on images and follow them as they move. She also will see all the expressions and things her face can do. To make it more fun you can get into the mirror with her and make silly expressions that she will eventually try to imitate. You can also point to her eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and teach her the names. Interacting with mom or dad while having mirror play provides baby social and emotional benefits.

These non-toxic mirrors are perfect for tummy-time fun:
*Field of “grass ribbons” for soothing tactile play
*Ages 0 and above
*Tuggable crinkle leaves, playful patterns and linen details
*Pull and place owl rattle and birdie squeaker
*Stands upright with wedge or attach anywhere with loops on the back

Sassy Floor & Crib Mirror 
*Large safety mirror with a true reflection allows baby to focus
*Textural caterpillar and ladybug offer touch exploration
*High-contrast ball that newborns can bat at
*Symmetrical bee inspires vision and encourages touch
*Easel back supports mirror on floor and elastic straps provide easy attachment to crib

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    Hi.. What a thoughtful and well researched set of lists. The thought of a tummy time mirror being toxic never crossed my mind. Keep up the good work and keep it coming.

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