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Toy Tuesday: Benefits of Artwork for Baby’s Nursery

December 4, 2012

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As soon as your baby enters the world, she is learning from the world around her. She becomes familiarized with her parents’ scent, voices, and surroundings at home. When decorating your baby’s nursery you may choose to have a focal piece of artwork that she will recognize. This artwork is something that baby can gaze at while she drifts to sleep or wakes up. She will enjoy looking at the colors and it will eventually be a unique keepsake for her in the years to come. Some great options for artwork to decorate your child’s nursery or room with are the following:

If you are planning natural colors or a nature inspired nursery this shop has many beautiful, original wood-block prints in warm, comforting colors that will catch baby’s eye.

Fei Liu’s Original Dragonfly PaintingThis original painting is colorful and vibrant sure to please your baby’s eyes and complement his/her nursery.

Green Frog Art has many bright options to add to your baby’s nursery and become a keepsake for years to come.

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