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Toy Tuesday: Organic, Wooden, and Non-Toxic Rolling Balls for Baby

November 6, 2012

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When baby is able to fully lift her head up while having tummy time (approx. 2-3 months old) or sit unassisted (approx. 6 months) it is an ideal time to introduce balls or a rolling type of toy. The wonderful thing about this toy is that it’s uses for play will expand as baby grows.

When baby is having tummy time place the ball in front of her so she can see the colorful toy and it will stimulate her to push up and develop her reaching and grasping skills. When baby grasps the ball she can further explore it with her mouth.

To enjoy playing ball with baby while she is sitting, position yourself across from her and roll the ball to her. She will gain hand-eye coordination and reaching skills as the ball comes rolling towards her and she tries to grasp it. At this age baby is also learning how to place toys back and forth from one hand to the other. Try giving baby the ball and watch as she begins to learn how to do this. She will likely also want to put the ball in her mouth as teething is common at this stage so it is important to have an appropriate sized ball to avoid choking hazards.

Some choices for non-toxic, organic, and wooden rolling balls can be found here:

Wee Gallery Organic Sensory Ball


  • Sensory puzzle ball is designed to delight your baby’s developing senses
  • High-contrast graphics grab baby’s attention visually, while various textures provide tactile stimulation
  • It’s gorgeous organic fabrics make it the perfect heirloom gift
  • Measures 5″ in diameter

CaaOcho Baby Natural Rubber Ball

CaaOcho Ball
  • 100% pure natural rubber
  • Certified non-toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosamine, food-grade paint
  • Bright rainbow colors for visual stimulation
  • 6 different textures for tactile exploration
  • Perfectly sized for baby’s hands
  • Gentle squeaking sound when squeezed
  • Produced sustainably and biodegradable

Grimm’s Soft Organic Ball


  •  Handcrafted in Europe from soft organic cotton velour
  • Stuffed with pure, natural wool
  • Gentle little rattle sound made when ball is shaken
  • 7 rainbow colors will attract infants and toddlers; can also be used to teach color names
  • Perfect for baby’s early grasping, throwing, rolling and catching experiences

Vulli So Pure Ball Toy


  • Made with 100% natural rubber
  • Light and easy to grasp
  • Raised head of Sophie the Giraffe on each ball which helps in developing baby’s sense of touch
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