Toy Tuesday: Non-Toxic and Safe, Bath Time Toys for Baby

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Bath-time has many benefits for baby besides just getting her clean. Some of these benefits include soothing and comforting baby, learning/play, and emotional/bonding. Bath-time soothes and comforts baby just as it would an adult. Warm water relaxes baby and helps her to calm if upset as well as getting her ready for a night-time sleep after a day full of play. Bath-time is also a learning play-time for baby as she sees a cause and effect reaction when you and she make splashes in the water. Baby will also use hand-eye coordination as she tries to grasp bath-toys and play too. She is also learning as you clean and talk to her. Bonding is an additional benefit of bath-time. Mom and dad can both have the opportunity to bond with baby at bath-time as she listens to your voice and spend this special time of day with her. Bath-time is just another way baby is learning how you take care of all her needs and love her so much!

It is important to choose safe and non-toxic bath toys for baby to play with. Many rubber duckies can have mold lurking within them or toxic chemicals that can come in contact with your baby. The following toys are free of harmful chemicals and a safe choice for your baby’s bath-time.


Rich Frog- Original Rubber Duck
This rubber duck is made from natural latex, which is naturally phthalate and BPA free. It is also hand painted using natural-dye paints. For more info or to purchase click here.


Boon Odd Duck
This adorable bath-time duck comes in all different designs/colors and is  BPA-free, phthalate, and PVC free. It also does not hold water and therefore won’t grow black mold.  For more info or to purchase click here.

Boon Creatures- Interchangeable Bath Toys
Create any fish you wish. Fill them up, pour them out and watch the water trickle out the tiny holes on their sea creature heads. Mix and match their parts to create new underwater species. Bonus: They’re soft and flexible, sort of like real fish, but less stinky. These fish are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. Click here for more info or to purchase.


Green Toys My First Stackers
These cups are different sizes and colors to keep you baby playing happily in and out of the bath. They are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs and are BPA and phthalate free. Cups fit together for easy storage. Set includes 8 stackable cups. For more info or to purchase click here.

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  1. Aaliyah says

    I just want to update that I purchased the rich frog duck based on your recommendation and was not happy with it. The rubber started to bubble and peel. The Boon Odd has mixed reviews on Amazon related to a strong toxic smell, possibly paint. I found one I’m waiting to receive called Celebriducks which is made in the USA and is supposed to be based on feedback from parents on what makes the perfect rubber duck. Sorry so long but just wanted to share

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