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The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, is a fairly new company (launched 1/2012) based in Santa Monica, CA that provides safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products centered on baby. They provide a wide range of products from all natural shampoo to adorable, plant-based and sustainable diapers. My review will focus on their diaper bundle service. Each month for $79.95 you can receive what is called a “diaper bundle”. In this bundle you will receive a select amount of diapers based on your baby’s size and (4) packs of 70 count wipes.

Once you have created an account on their website you can easily manage a diaper bundle for your child. There is a personalized page for each child in your family that receives a bundle where you can choose diaper patterns, sizing, and a monthly delivery date. Each month you can mix and match patterns or if your prefer just choose white. Patterns include those pictured below but they also introduce adorable seasonal patterns.

Your monthly subscription can be updated at any time with your little one’s sizing, patterns, or delivery date (adjust to make sooner or later if needed).  They even send out email reminders when your delivery date is approaching so you can update anything if you need to. You are also free to cancel your subscription whenever you choose. After you have completed your preferences for the bundle service you can expect your delivery each month at your doorstep- no more running to the store for diapers and wipes! As a side note, make sure when you set your delivery date you allow approximately 5-7 days for shipping if you live on the East Coast- this is the approximate amount of time it takes for my shipment to arrive.


Having used both conventional and natural diapers in the past on my daughters, I have found these to truly be the best. They feature all of the same qualities as conventional diapers (without the nasty chemicals) such as a stretchy back panel and side tabs.

They also offer great leak protection. My daughter rarely ever has blowouts in these and when she has had them, I am sure they would have happened in any other diaper as well. One of the main reasons I found out about The Honest Company was because I was searching for a non-toxic alternative to the conventional diaper. This is by far one of the most non-toxic disposable diapers offered on the market.

Ingredients contained in diapers:
Chlorine-free fluff (paper from CERTIFIED sustainably managed forests – no optical brighteners), BIO-core (wheat/corn starch blended with SAP), plant-based PLA (in outer layer, inner layer, & moisture barrier layer), Non-Toxic adhesives (in seams & joints), polymer spandex and polyurethane (in fastening system & leg/waist elastic) & ink (no heavy metals) (NOT tested on animals)

The fragrance free wipes are also of excellent quality. They are soft, thick, absorbent, and I only require 1-2 per change. I have found that these are actually way better than any other wipes currently on the market.

Ingredients contained in wipes:
Purified Water, Citric acid (fruit-based stability agent), Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (all natural, water-soluble preservative), Decyl Gulcoside (sugar-based cleanser), Sodium Citrate (corn-based antioxidant), Punica Granatum (pomegranate fruit) Extract, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (licorice root) Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (chamomile) Extract, Cucumis sativus (cucumber fruit) Extract, and Peucedanum Ostruthium (masterwort leaf) Extract 
*Will Compost in Municipal / Industrial Facilities According to ISO, ASTM, and EN Regulations

You can feel more than confident using these diapers and wipes on your baby knowing that no harmful chemicals are coming in contact with your baby’s most sensitive areas.


As for the cost of the diaper bundle each month, they have created a price comparison chart for reference. I have shopped for other organic and natural diapers elsewhere and The Honest Company always comes out cheaper and more efficient for me since they include more than enough diapers and wipes in the monthly bundle.

In addition to making superior quality diapers and wipes, The Honest Company has great customer service. They are always a call, email, or even Facebook message away. Whenever I have had a question it has been answered promptly by one of their friendly customer service representatives. They also guarantee your order so if you are not 100% satisfied you can send it back for a full refund.

DSC_0963 DSC_0964

Another benefit of the subscription service is you can add up to 3 shop items to be shipped with your bundle at 25% off each. This special discount is perfect for stocking up on shampoo, lotion, and diaper cream.

All in all I am extremely happy with The Honest Company and feel there is really no comparison to any other diapers on the market. With the convenience they provide in the monthly delivery service, the peace of mind of natural products, and the exceptional quality, The Honest Company is definitely worth it. To subscribe to The Honest Company diaper bundle service or check out any of their other products as well as receive a special offer (new customers only) click here.

Disclosure: The Honest Company did not provide me with free product samples or compensate me to write this post. My referral link is included in the review.
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  1. Kimbra says

    I have a question about the usage vs. frequency of shipments – Does it seem like you use the diapers up in time to receive another order every month or are you receiving a lot of surplus (or not enough)?

    I am super interested in using Honest diapers and wipes in a bundle, but I’m just wondering if we will even use up the amount of diapers each month before the new bundle comes along.


    Kimbra Baker

    • Brooke says

      you can delay bundles if you are not ready for the new shipment…or move an order up if you are getting low.

  2. Sarah says

    I have been receiving Honest Company bundles for several months now and have been very happy. I do find that I have a lot more wipes than I probably need, but they are useful for more than just changing diapers and won’t dry go to waste. One of the perks is that I get an email letting me know when to expect my next shipment. If I don’t need it shipped when they are planning to, I simply go to my account online and change the date. I hope that helps.

  3. Kelly says

    I’m very interested in these diapers! I am almost 5 months pregnant and I’m just not sure when I should start to order my shipments and if the newborn diapers will fit my baby for a whole month? Do you have any experience with the newborn diapers to a typical newborn size?

    • jessica says

      My babies have all worn newborn diapers for a month but if you call and start a bundle they can put in different sizes so you could get like 4 nb and 2 size 1 if you are worried you will have to many nb size.

      • amber says

        actually the NB size comes with 8 packs of diapers, so if you split the sizes up you will get 7 packs. I just received my bundle with 2 NB 2 sz 1 and 3 sz 2. But you do need to call for this.

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