Suncatcher Leaf Craft

October 5, 2012

Fall is here and what better way to enjoy the season than collecting beautifully colored leaves to create a fun craft with your family. Each Fall my daughter and I go on a walk in nearby woods and collect all the beautiful leaves we can find. We then bring them home and create a simple craft that can be enjoyed for the weeks to come. All you need is clear contact paper, scissors, string, and some bright colored leaves to create your leaf suncatcher.


1.) Collect fallen leaves from different types of trees. The brighter the leaves, the better your suncatcher will be, because the sunlight will shine through and intensify the colors. Golden hues and bright oranges look beautiful and will show off the veins and leaf structure the best.

2.) Cut a piece of crystal clear contact paper to whatever size you want. Suncatchers can be made to suit any taste and they can even be used to cover an entire window. This project is perfect for a window that needs some brightening up and an oversized suncatcher can give the appearance of stained glass when the light hits it.

3.) Arrange your leaves on the contact paper, with the sticky side of the contact paper facing up. Make sure that none of the leaves extend over the edges of the contact paper. The leaves can overlap, but there should also be clear space in some areas to allow the sun to shine through and show the detail of the leaves.

4.) Cut a second piece of contact paper, the same size as the first. Lay it on top of the one that has the leaves arranged on it. Press the contact paper down firmly, and gently smooth out any bumps with the palm of your hand. If the two pieces do not meet precisely on all sides, you can trim any excess with scissors

5.) Punch a hole in the top of the suncatcher with the hole punch, and thread the string through. For bigger suncatchers, you may want to use two holes to balance it out. Place the suncatcher in the window of your choice and enjoy the brilliance of the autumn colors.
These suncatchers should not be limited to just your windows, they can also be hung around the house or made into a mobile.


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