Avishi Organics Review and Giveaway

As a mom to three little girls I have learned stretch marks and diaper rash are two of the more unpleasant things that come along with having a baby. I remember after having my first daughter feeling so overwhelmed at all of the product solutions for these problems and even more shocked by their ingredients. I couldn’t imagine putting something packed with toxic chemicals on my newborn baby, let alone myself. Now after having my third daughter I feel a little more seasoned when it comes to deciphering ingredient names and finding the right products for myself and my children. For this reason I was super excited to try Avishi Organics’ products. Avishi Organics is a line of USDA certified organic skincare products specially formulated with pure plant-based ingredients for moms and babies. With Avishi Organics’ products you truly are getting a 100% organic product not just a product claiming to be natural (as many conventional baby products claim but in reality are far from it). Avishi Organics products are designed for sensitive skin and are perfect for expecting or nursing mothers and babies. Below are further benefits in choosing Avishi Organics:  Read more »

Greenheart Shop Review and Giveaway


Did you know October is Fair Trade Month? Whenever I shop for friends and family, this is one of the main things things I take into consideration before making a purchase. Why is buying fair trade products important? Because it ensures that the people who worked hard to create the quality products you are purchasing are receiving a reasonable and fair wage. Although this is just a small portion of what happens when you choose to buy a fair trade product. Purchasing fair trade products also helps in improving and empowering the lives of farmers and factory workers in other countries as they will have safe working conditions and an extra income to provide for their families and help fight poverty in their communities. It also supports sustainable environmental practices and creates long term partnerships with reputable companies. Read more »

Welcoming Our Baby Girl + A Food Should Taste Good Party

Just three weeks ago our third little girl arrived! It has been a crazy and fun-filled three weeks full of kisses and cuddles, sleepless nights, and lots of love! With the arrival of our little “E” as well as the beautiful Fall season, it was the perfect time to host a Food Should Taste Good Party for friends and family! As a busy mom to now three girls, I love how easy it is to pair Food Should Taste Good chips with a variety of dips and sides for a delicious end result. I also love how Food Should Taste Good Chips appeal to kids and adults alike making them the ideal snack to serve at any party. Our guests loved the fresh and delicious taste of the chips and appreciated that they were made from all natural and gmo-free ingredients. For appetizers at our party, I created a few simple base dips including Black Bean Pineapple Guacamole, Hummus, and my Pear Mint Cucumber Salsa as well as seasonal drinks to be paired with the Olive, Sweet Potato, and Multi-Grain chips.  Read more »

Piggy Paint Review and Show Stopper Gift Set Giveaway


Do you love painting your little girl’s nails but hate the toxins that conventional polishes have lurking in them? Then you will love Piggy Paint’s full line of colorful and kid-friendly polishes! Piggy Paint polishes have so many great benefits compared to solvent-based nail polishes and are perfect for all ages! Listed below are a few of my favorite things about this brand:  Read more »

Minted Birth Announcements + $150 Credit Giveaway

My third little girl has just made her big arrival and I have been searching for the perfect way to announce her birth to family and friends! I love Minted’s options for birth announcements which include original and beautiful designs from independent designers. Minted offers top quality in all the products they offer as well as fantastic extras with each order. For example, with any birth announcement order you have the option to receive free recipient address printing for added convenience. Additionally, each birth announcement order comes with a free digital proof so you can make certain everything appears just how you would like. Another huge benefit of choosing Minted’s birth announcements is the option to have them printed on 100% recycled premium paper. Their recycled paper is FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste, and manufactured with wind-power. Now you can have a personalized and uniquely designed birth announcement that is also eco-friendly!  Read more »

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